Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Christmas isn't a four letter word

I've stopped taking naps. If it doesn't happen in the first five minutes I just give up and find something to do. I used to be a big nap guy. Ya know a two hour nap here an hour nap there, but lately i've basically halted them all together. This is a huge revelation.

Sufjan's "Songs For Christmas" box-set is some serious fun. It's beautiful and funny and just plain great. Basically, this guy can do no wrong (minus A Sun Came, I just didn't get that one)

I've been listening to the new Akon album today, "Konvicted" and I like it? Dude rocks some serious sweaters too.

I reviewed the new Jay-Z record and it's up on the Maneater site today. www.maneater.com go to the arts section. I gave it quite a lackluster review, but I have a feeling I'm going to like this record a lot more a year from now for some reason.

I hope you all went out today and bought the new Clipse record "Hell Hath No Fury." Support Malice and Pusha T, best rap record of the year deserves it.

I want a new name for the blog too. This one, inspired by two african american males fighting in our apartment pool over the summer, continuously shouting "WHATS GOOD" at each other, has lost its luster. Any ideas?

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