Wednesday, May 23, 2007

'cept I'm the sexasaurus

I've never really given a R. Kelly album the time of day but I've found myself listening to mainstream pop R&B in the past year or so. I know Double Up won't be spoken of in the same breath of some other Kells albums but this one is a bunch of fun. When the tracklist for Double Up came out it peaked my interest and when this appeared on the internets the other day I grabbed it. The album isn't groundbreaking or anything but Kells is so off the wall at points, Real Talk is an exercise in the talking/singing thing he does so well, and is one of the highlights of the record. I hope people don't stay hung up on his behind the scenes sexual interests (no matter how scary they are) and can put this on over the summer, because it is begging to be played at any party you're at.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

I am the streets

Pretty sure this is the pic I used to review College Dropout in my high school paper, made me think popped collars were so cool. I think a teacher called me Mike Seaver one day when I was rockin' it junior year. Then I go away to college and frat dudes in pastel polos had to go and ruin the pop.

I've listened to the new Kanye track numerous times since it hit the internets a few days ago and as much as I was expecting to be let down, I'm now legitametly pumped for the new record. I still love College Dropout and could put it on any time and still be totally in love with the whole thing. Not only is that record special to me for nostalgiac reasons but it's just a great hip hop record. Full of Kanye's bravado and ego that I now find hard to swallow, at the time of the record's realease it was fresh and exciting to hear this cat with so much promise. I know the new record won't be anything like Dropout but I'm still looking forward to hearing where he takes things.

by the way, Kells kills it on the We Takin Ova remix, puts Jeezy to shame.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Her life was magazines and faithful TV screens

I was going to do a whole post on this album but Status Ain't Hood put up a very good one the other day. It's been out for a minute on torrent sites and such and really kicks your A. She's got the perfect blend of sassiness and sexiness to make the first country radio record I've cared about in a good while.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Let's push things forward

So far, '07 has been somewhat of a slow year for hip hop releases. It's safe to say I'm pretty pumped for some upcoming projects that should see release this summer and before the end of the year.

B.G.- Back to the Future (Summer '07 on Atlantic)
B.G.'s been showing up on tracks here and there and just ripping every beat he graces wide open. It'll be nice to get a full album again of his nasally flow.

David Banner- Greatest Story Ever Told
Banner's been missing for a minute and his name has started to pop up recently after a couple of high powered leaks of new tracks. 9mm feat. Akon, Snoop and Lil' Wayne being the first and Suicide Doors feat. UGK (who's double album is coming out this month hopefully). These two tracks are hinting at one intense album, full of Banner's usual dirtiness.

T.I.- T.I. vs. TIP (July 3rd, 2007)
After the release of King last year T.I.'s next release is being crazy anticipated. Cliff Harris has been quotes as saying that the record is a battle between his two personalities. T.I. being the party/chill ladies man and TIP bringing that talk about slangin. Big Shit Poppin' is this first single. It's not What You Know, but it still beats and promises of great things to come.

Lil' Wayne- The Carter Vol. 3 (end of '07)
This is the one I'm anticipating the most. That should be no surprise to anyone who's ever read this blog. Wayne's been killing it for awhile now and Vol. 3 should be no different. The record has been pushed back a few times because Wayne's working on other projects like protege Curren$y's debut and mixtapes (and we all know Wayne's mixtapes are better than half the albums put out by rap cats these days). He's also said he's got Kanye doing some beats for the album and I'm excited to see what the pairing of the two will produce.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

We like our coffee bloody!

I can count the number of Nic Cage movies I like on one hand. Bringing out the Dead is probably my favorite after Leaving Las Vegas. This is such an underrated Scorsese flick. It's dark, depressing and has Tom Sizemore at his craziest. The scene where Rhames pretends to save the kid, screaming for Jesus the whole time, is priceless.