Sunday, May 20, 2007

I am the streets

Pretty sure this is the pic I used to review College Dropout in my high school paper, made me think popped collars were so cool. I think a teacher called me Mike Seaver one day when I was rockin' it junior year. Then I go away to college and frat dudes in pastel polos had to go and ruin the pop.

I've listened to the new Kanye track numerous times since it hit the internets a few days ago and as much as I was expecting to be let down, I'm now legitametly pumped for the new record. I still love College Dropout and could put it on any time and still be totally in love with the whole thing. Not only is that record special to me for nostalgiac reasons but it's just a great hip hop record. Full of Kanye's bravado and ego that I now find hard to swallow, at the time of the record's realease it was fresh and exciting to hear this cat with so much promise. I know the new record won't be anything like Dropout but I'm still looking forward to hearing where he takes things.

by the way, Kells kills it on the We Takin Ova remix, puts Jeezy to shame.

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