Thursday, June 28, 2007


Guess who just solidified a spot in my year end top 10

The kinda music that just soothes your soul

"What's become of soul music? It didn't die with Otis Redding; it didn't stop when Al Green quit; it didn't fade with James Brown's voice--it's been in Los Angeles the entire time, under the astute and faithful stewardship of Solomon Burke. Burke, the King of Rock & Soul, the Bishop, is a big man with an even bigger talent, a revered vocalist whose mastery is unmathced by any other proponent of the style he largely originated. Burke embodies deep soul, with a forty plus year career that's produced a series of records consistently prfound in emotional, artistic and spiritual gravity."

Thursday, June 07, 2007

See ya later Scorcese on coke

he's jus a rascal

Mix I made for my weekly drive to Chicago on Tuesday

Maximo Park- Postcard of a Painting
Miranda Lambert- Desperation
Common- The People
The Long Winter- Fire Island, AK
Clipse- Hello New World
Lucero- She's Just That Kind of Girl
Animal Collective- Purple Bottle
R. Kelly feat. Keyshia Cole and Polow Da Don- Best Friend
Devin The Dude- Cutcha Up
Dr. Dre- Let Me Ride
Kanye feat. GLC and Consequence- Spaceship
Snoop Dogg- Lodi Dodi
Big Star- The India Song
Dizzee Rascal feat. UGK- Where Da G's
Fonzworth Bentley feat. Pimp C and Lil' Wayne- C.O.L.O.U.R.S.
Wilco- The Thanks I Get
Band of Horses- The Great Salt Lake
Beanie Sigel- Raw and Uncut

The news called it crack, I called it diet coke

If you haven't seen Knocked Up yet, go out this weekend and enjoy its awesomeness. If you're familiar with any of Judd Apatow's other work, then you will adore this film. The cast is perfect as usual, with many returning players from his other projects. The jokes in this movie come by so fast it's impossible to catch everything and Paul Rudd continues to be one of the funniest men alive. Reviews for the film are up all over the place, and if you're actually reading this, we're probably friends and you've seen the movie, but Apatow has made the only two comedies I've cared about in years and I can't wait until his next project.

Also, if you have never watched either of his tv shows, Freaks and Geeks and Undeclared, get on that. Freaks and Geeks is probably my favorite tv show of all time, which should be reason enough for you to get it next from Netflix.