Wednesday, May 23, 2007

'cept I'm the sexasaurus

I've never really given a R. Kelly album the time of day but I've found myself listening to mainstream pop R&B in the past year or so. I know Double Up won't be spoken of in the same breath of some other Kells albums but this one is a bunch of fun. When the tracklist for Double Up came out it peaked my interest and when this appeared on the internets the other day I grabbed it. The album isn't groundbreaking or anything but Kells is so off the wall at points, Real Talk is an exercise in the talking/singing thing he does so well, and is one of the highlights of the record. I hope people don't stay hung up on his behind the scenes sexual interests (no matter how scary they are) and can put this on over the summer, because it is begging to be played at any party you're at.