Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Play it cool boy

The new Bloc Party record, A Weekend in the City, leaked recently and I'm totally engrossed in this record right now. All I've been listening to for the past week or so were new hip hop realeases (Hov, AZ, Game) and this record has taken up all my listening time for the past day or so. It's layered and dark and epic and I just want to stay up and give it repeated listens. I've been reading from some dudes that the album lacks because of it's softer side (compared to Silent Alarm's brashness) but I think that's one of the record's strong points. Bloc Party hasn't gone out and re-recorded their brilliant debut but has continued to evolve its sounds into something grand. I don't think this comes out until early '07 so it will have to stay off my year-end list but it would definitely be up at the top. Plus they shout out some Breat Easton Ellis on "Song For Clay (disappear here), and I will not argue with one of my favorite bands using one of my favorite authors as inspiration.

I've been watching Six Feet Under re-runs on Bravo on Monday nights and I'm falling in love with this show. I attempted to get into it during high school but I just didn't really connect. I guess it's just my advanced college brain (mwhahahahha) really diving into and appreciating this show's brilliance. Each episode was just a stark and haunting look at mortality, love, religion and other assorted aspects of life. Also, the acting was top notch.

Thanksgiving Break is coming up and it is much needed and the possibility of taking in a My Morning Jacket show in St. Louis has me seriously pumped.

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