Sunday, November 12, 2006

30's the new 20

So Kingdom Come leaked this weekend and I wasn't as excited as if the new Nas or Clipse leaked but I was still pretty pumped. It's no classic but definitely a great rap album. Lots of Dre and Just Blaze beats and who's going to argue with that. I've been reading on the internets about the Doc beats being lackluster but I'm digging them nonetheless. Hov's lyrics are on point as usual, but he just doesn't sound hungry. When the Black Album dropped my junior (?) year of high school that was in the car for months man. Kingdom Come doesn't have those tracks that just get a smile creeping across my face wondering how the man does it. This record finds Hov in a comfortable spot just spittin' about his wealth and status. I will buy this record on the 21st, believe that.

On the sports tip, how awesome was Thomas Jones doin' the Jim Jones BAAAALLLLINNN jump shot in front of all the Giants fans after his touchdown in the second half? Compliments of the windy city Capo!

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