Friday, November 24, 2006

If hip hop should die before I wake...

So I haven't posted for a loooooong time. I've gotten loads of new tunes however and I'm back. First of all, Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

To start things off, the new Clipse record, Hell Hath No Fury is amazing. It is my second favorite record of the year and the best hip hop album that will be released in all of '06. I want to say this record is worth the wait, but it's so good it's just not fair the public had to wait so long for it. The Neptunes aren't dead but have been saving most of their good beats for Pusha T and Malice. The production is dark and grimey which fits the content of the record perfectly. Coke and guns and more coke. The lyrical skills of both of these MC's is matched by few in hip hop today and they just bring a realness that seems distant in the tales of drugs that Jeezy or Santana spit. BUY THIS RECORD ON 11/28!!

I just recently go the new Shins record and I'll let everyone know my feelings on it sometime this weekend.

Oh yeah, Casino Royale is BA

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