Saturday, June 20, 2009

the way she walkin'

This unreleased Ryan Leslie track with ya neighborhood Pusha attached has been making the rounds.
Leslie's 2009 record is my favorite R&B record of the year for sure. The man definitely has a swagger about him, with a serviceable voice and great skills behind the boards he is a bright spot in the world of watered down top 40.
Pusha T is fine here, but him and his brother need to stick to gritty, Neptunes throwback-esque tracks. I don't need to hear the Brothers Thornton rapping about a special someone. They do trap talk, not puppy love musings.
Otherwise the track is fire, give it a try and then grab Leslie's self-titled.

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dLW said...

his self titled is a favorite of mine right now. he makes me wish i could sing