Thursday, June 04, 2009

rockin ya mind

The new Mos Def, "The Ecstatic" is what rap heads have been waiting for since the man's classic debut.
Mos sounds like he has something to prove.
Which, in a sense he does.
After two disheartening records, one of which did not even see a proper release and the other being a sad foray into blues and rock, he needed to come back proper.
This is Mos at his most proper. He is rhyming with a passion here over real nice beats from the likes of Madlib and Chad Hugo.
Recent contributor to this site, Luis C. Medina was just saying how he was waiting for a good summer hip-hop release.
Well Mr. Medina, it has arrived.

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Luis M said...

Clutch performance by Mos Def. Absolutely wonderful.

This track is worthy of Five Marv Albert "Yes!" calls.