Thursday, June 18, 2009

cuttin' off fingaz

"It's almost as if Ramis and Black and Cera got together and said, "We need to make a movie that will take all three of us down and sully our reputations. We don't want just a blemish -- we want lifelong friends who've seen it to cross to the other side of Montana Ave. when they see us coming. Now, how do we do this?" In this sense, Year One is a success."

Wells slaughtered "Year One" today. I cannot say I am surprised however.
None of the trailers have contained more than a half-hearted chuckle, even with a pretty good cast.
I have been over Cera for years, his wiener-emo shtick got old about halfway through "Superbad". It was tolerable in "Arrested Development" because the rest of the cast was so aces he was not relied upon to hold up every frame.
Black definitely has chops and has done some wonderful work, but before seeing this film I think most people were banking on him not carrying the it.
I'll still be seeing it this weekend for the bit players alone. The Rudd/Cross Cane and Abel stuff in particular.

Also, if you have not clicked on Wells' film blog on the links to the right, do it daily. The man is severely opinionated and often hilarious. It is a great read.


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