Thursday, May 28, 2009

sun eggs

I have not wrote about "Party Down" in this space, I did here however.
I just wanted to get the word out there again about this wonderful show..
The things I wrote in the linked article all still ring true as the show finished up its first season last Friday.
Even with the departure of Jane Lynch, Jennifer Coolidge stepped in and absolutely slaughtered the two episodes she was in. The finale showed why the woman shows up in so many comedies (even crappy ones not directed by Christopher Guest).
Also, Ryan Hansen has been consistently hilarious throughout the season. I first noticed him when he was on the bummer of a third season for "Veronica Mars". He basically plays the same character here, but with a lot more freedom. The room to improvise and the chemistry between him and Martin Starr have made him the breakout actor for the series in my opinion.
I am very excited the show got greenlit for a second season, I just hope they can lock up a majority of the cast to come back.
Even if Caplan (please stay!) is not in the mix or if Lynch is not around, the writing and directing are definitely strong enough to carry the show no matter what actors are placed in the cast.

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