Wednesday, May 27, 2009

so this is what the volume knob's for

I really do not know what riled me up so much about the AV Club's review of the new Passion Pit album, "Manners".
I guess totally disagreeing with everything written within could be the main reason.
Paul Caine, the critic threw out terms like "mediocrity" and "pop punk", both of which have nothing to do with the debut from the Boston group.
I cannot have beef with someone feeling something is mediocre, but tagging a genre to a band that has nothing to do with its sound is a bit far fetched.
I just cannot say I hear any New Found Glory in the songs Caine transfixes the "pop punk" tag to, one of which being the gloriously epic, "Moth's Wings".

While this is quite the jam, the real crux of the album are the dance tracks.
"Little Secrets" being one of the strongest.

Just a little rant. The album is a pretty solid one and perfect for these sunny summer days.

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