Thursday, May 21, 2009

i hope you don't enjoy dialogue

What's the difference between Connor and Wayne? If you're Bale, not much at all it turns out.

I haven't sat in the front at a movie since I was probably 10 years old. Last night we showed up just a few minutes early for the "Terminator Salvation" midnight showing and had to rock some front row seats.
After getting over my initial seizure of having to be that close I was treated to an above average summer blockbuster.
McG's first foray into the Terminator universe is one full of brawn and little to no brains.
There is no character development or emotional attachment to any of the stars to speak of. This doesn't take away from the overall brute force of the film.
It is wall to wall action from the get go and that is all I was looking for early this morning.
The beginning action sequence borrows heavily from "Children of Men" and its use of single take scene work. This makes for an intense thread of action in McG's desolate, futuristic universe.
The story does not matter here, it is McG's great use of modern CGI and in your face robot violence that makes the film succeed.
If you have already seen "Star Trek" and are looking to escape the heat at the multiplex this weekend, "Salvation" is your best bet.

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