Wednesday, May 20, 2009

i just wanna be


It's been a serious month or so for me. Just stuff going down and school ending and then beginning. I'm back though with a renewed sense of passion for working this space.
So now I'm going to touch on an artist who is really exciting me (and a number of others on the internets).
Drake is a Canadian rapper who, yes, was once on that Degrassi show.
Well, the young spitter is all grown up these days and has put out one of the best collection of hip hop songs of '09, "So Far Gone".
Right away the thing that struck me is the fact that Drake can actually sing. Along with being able to tear into a track, the man can sing the hook as well. Unlike Wayne who thinks he can carry a hook, Drake can actually do it, without the autotuner Weezy.
Wayne has been one of Drake's biggest campaigners. The two have been showing up on tracks together for a while now. This creative coupling is only for the best for Wayne as he seems to step his game up every time him and Drake are sharing a beat.
It really reminds me of when Beanie Sigel was murdering everything at the beginning of this decade and Hova, in turn, started to tear into tracks when the two shared a beat (peep The Wire's Sydnor and Bodie in the vid).
So Drake has those two positives going, but the one thing that has since been rolling around my brain after listening to the record numerous times, is Drake's verses on "Successful".
The beat is a slowburner as Trey Songz croons the hook about wanting money, cars, clothes, hoes... ya know the usual rap stuff. Drake takes the normal hip-hop wanting material things jam and flips it on its ear.
He flows about certainly wanting these things, but his downtrodden flow and admitting to leasing a Phantom are not commonplace for a song of this nature. It is so refreshing to hear a rapper be able to rap about these material items without chest beating, but dropping his guard instead.
Drake is definitely the one emcee in the newest crop of dudes getting buzz right now that has me jacked about the future of hip-hop.

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Megan Sampson said...

I looooovvve Degrassi! Much more than I should. Drake (a.k.a. Jimmy) was shot on the show. He's street, kid. I'll check him out!