Wednesday, July 15, 2009

meant that much

I really was not expecting a new Jay Reatard record because over the past couple of years he has furiously released new material. It just did not seem like it had been that long since his last proper album, but "Blood Visions" is over two years old now.
"Watch Me Fall" may come as a surprise to those who were not keeping up with all of his singles in 2008, because the sound is much more polished.
It is still steeped in garage and lo-fi goodness, just with less "lo" in that "fi".
The songs are more pop oriented, straying away from the spastic punk leanings of his earlier work.
Reatard can craft a hook and most of the shouted choruses here are so repetitive and catchy they will be popping up in heads for days.
Even if the "pop" tag is something you feel should be nowhere near Reatard, give the record a shot.
The man has put out one pretty good, summer album.

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