Sunday, July 19, 2009

i have seen God and his name is...

This is a very interesting read for anyone who has fallen in love with "Freaks and Geeks" before.
It is basically an extremely intricate pitch for those who would come to be involved with the show.
Apatow seems to get all of the credit from the show, but reading this really shows that Paul Feig was the brains behind most of its wonderfulness.

If anything it is an interesting read to see where Feig wanted to take the series had it gone on longer. I am totally content with the way it was wrapped up, but just getting to read where some of these characters would have ended up holds a sense of fulfillment.

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Luis M said...

This was as good of a read as the original Moneyball movie script. "Freaks & Geeks" is just another example of a good TV show with a great concept getting sidetracked for garbage.

It's part of the reason reality TV has taken over and made television almost unwatchable.