Friday, July 17, 2009

does this belong to you?

The recent critical favor thrown Cass McCombs' way for his new work, "Catacombs" is right on.
The album drifts by as McComb's wispy vocals supplement soft instrumentation and dark, depths of the soul lyrics.
The album's highlight, "You Saved My Life" was the first track to immediately stand out upon first listen. It is a testament to McComb's songwriting to have created such an engaging song without letting the instrumentation explode, in say an Arcade Fire way, when the chorus hits.
The track seems to be begging for an outburst of strings or heavy percussion when McCombs belts out "Here I Stand" but the singer-songwriter is content to ride this waltz for five and a half minutes.
Any deviation from the woozy nature of the track would be to take away from its emotional effectiveness.
I know a lot of people are wary these days when Pitchfork throws its weight behind some new music, but McCombs has been doing this for a while now and "Catacombs" may just be his best yet.

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