Tuesday, January 29, 2008

you'll be comin' down now baby

I finally got a chance to watch Danny Boyle's Sci-Fi film from last year, Sunshine. Taking advantage of my half price rentals for the next month at Family Video I got this and Shoot 'Em Up. The latter being a real fun action flick, nothing special.
Sunshine was a wonderful experience though. I know some people don't buy into the whole, having to see certain movies in theaters to get the full experience. However, while watching this one in my living room, I was just wishing I had seen it on the big screen.
The visuals are something to behold, especially any scene with the sun.
The scenes where the sunlight did come into the picture were especially wonderful because of the rest of the film being in such darkness. The rest of the ship having little light and no real starlight to speak of in shots.
Cillian Murphy is the lead and is wonderful as usual. I hope he continues to work with Boyle as he's two for two (28 Days Later being the first triumph).
I think it's a shame this got lost in the shuffle last year as it is a compelling piece of science fiction film and stands up with some of the better science ficiton fare of the past decade.

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