Tuesday, January 29, 2008

i'm drivin' a stolen car

I was doing some youtube scouring tonight.
Since I've been down to Carbondale I haven't been using my car much. So when I do I'll listen to The Score if it's coming in that day, country radio or the one cd that's still in my car. I don't bring my ipod since when I do drive it's not going to be for more than ten minutes.
The one cd that's still in the car is a burnt copy of the Mountain Goats- Tallhassee with some Kristofferson, Waits and Wainwright to fill up the blank.
So, more often than not I'm listening to this album when I'm driving around and it's one of the band's best. Darnielle is a true lyricist.
The video I posted is one of my favorites from the album and probably one of the saddest songs currently occupying space on my hard drive.
I think what's so effecting about this song is that nothing about it sonically fits the lyrics. On the surface, it's almost got a feel-good vibe, until you take the time to listen to what Darnielle is singing. Every line is full of anger and heartbreak (but mostly anger).
Great song, great album, great band.
Get familiar.

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