Saturday, January 19, 2008

i love the way she move any time a song on

Remember Test Icicles?

I barely do either.
They had that blog buzz working a couple years back and then broke up. Nothing special and a godawful name.
Well, former testicle Devonte Hynes has a new band, Lightspeed Champion.
Gone are the Death From Above jams, they have been replaced by some seriously nice near-alt/country.
Now you might be opening up that google search and see that he recorded this with a bunch of Saddle Creek dudes. If that's not your bag, don't let it sway you from checking out this release.
Falling of the Lavender Bridge fits nicely in a Saddle Creek realm (Champion is signed to Domino Records) but this release is more exciting then the next Cursive output or something.
I have to believe that listening to the skills Hynes displays here, that he was just biding his time in his former group.

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