Thursday, January 31, 2008

ya gonna die charlie

Lost premiered tonight and I for one am happy to have something to look forward to on tv. Since I don't have HBO and have seen the first seven eps of this season of The Wire online (I'd watch them anyway if I had the channel) I'll be flipping on ABC every Thursday to get my Lost on.
The second half of last season was really great and I was pretty jacked for this new one. I am also glad that after an 8 month hiatus they had that replay of last season moments before the premiere tonight.
I felt good about this episode. It seemed to move pretty quickly and has me looking ahead to the flash forward sequences that are upcoming.
Some things that I was left pondering...
Whose face was it in the window when Hurley went up to Jacob's cabin?
I've been reading a couple of places that it was Jack's dad.
Also, when Jack visits Hurley in the mental hospital, was it really Jack or just another one of Hurley's hallucinations?

I'm going to try and hit the sack now and not read fan speculation all over the internet.

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