Thursday, December 07, 2006

If you love livin' yo life, leave me alone

So, The Hold Steady on Tuesday night? AMAZING!!! After the first time I saw Wilco, this is the best show I've ever witnessed. It was magical watching a band enjoy playing their music sooo much. All band members just looked to be having such a good time on stage, rocking and drinking heavily. The setlist was heavy on new songs but still fair to songs from the first two records. The new tracks sounded great in a live setting also. One reason I really loved this show is how happy everyone there was. There was some people there that are acquaintances or I know through people who I've seen at shows before who just look like they'd rather be anywhere else. But, everybody was feeling the Steady on Tuesday. Fistpumps and serious head nodding was going on. Being there felt like seeing Kanye on his Late Registration tour, something truly special. If these guys are anywhere near you in the future GO SEE THEM!

The new Z-Ro record, I'm Still Livin' is some fiyaaaah. I'd put it up there right with Trae's Restless as one of the best southern rap albums of the year. Every song is dark and sad and his flow is just real dirty.

I'm downloading the new LCD Soundsystem right now, let y'all know how it is later.

rock n roll,


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