Saturday, December 09, 2006

If the Sun comes up and I still don't wanna stagger home...

Daft Punk played at his house

I've gotten tons of tunes in the past couple of days.

The new LCD Soundsystem is quite enjoyable after the first couple of listens. More dancey goodness from Mr. Murphy. My favorite track, All My Friends, will not get the dancefloor movin'. It begins with some piano then the rest of the band joins in, one instrument at a time. This song and a couple of others give me a earlier New Order vibe, quality stuff. All My Friends is one of my favorite songs this year, but it doesn't really come out until next year, so I'll worry about that later.

Next up, TOM WAITS. I picked up The Heart of Saturday Night and it's the first time I've ever really, really enjoyed a Tom Waits record. Maybe I'm just getting old and can appreciate the guy more now?

Other stuff I picked up that's gooooood: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds- Tender Prey, Ghostface Killah- More Fish (full post on this later), Exploding Hearts- Guitar Romantic (been looking for this since I lost my copy in high school), Andrew Bird's Bowl of Fire- The Swimming Hour and M. Ward- Post War

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