Monday, September 14, 2009

being a threat

It seems like Jason Reitman has come into his own.
I dug on "Thank You For Smoking", much more so than "Juno". My "J" beefs had more to do with the vomit dialogue provided by Diablo Cody than JR's directing.
All of the pre-buzz on "Up in the Air" has got me quite excited. Clooney is always aces and with a cast including: Farmiga, Bateman, Galifianakis and Anna Kendrick this is a near can't miss. Vera Farmiga is an actress who is always great, but the woman never seems to get her due props. Hopefully when this comes out the movie going public will start to take notice.
Everyone, from Wells to Movieline to AICN has been falling all over this thing. The Wells praise is the most intriguing, especially his crowing this the best film of the year, even over "The Hurt Locker".
Hopefully it will make its way to southern Illinois sometime before it grabs a bunch of awards.

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