Sunday, September 13, 2009

99 problems and they all...

Well this one was unexpected.
The Cudi debut leaked a bit ago and I am finally giving in. The dude has been nearly under the radar after bursting onto the scene at the beginning of this year. I think this decision has given his new record a sense of mystery since he is not Tweeting non-stop or throwing up junk videos on 2DopeBoyz every day.
"Man on the Moon" works with its slowburning beats and Cudi's medium paced mumble. Themes of space and weed run throughout the album making this the perfect rainy day/chillmode evening album.
Even when he gets all "interesting" like the track with MGMT and Ratatat or spitting over "Pokerface" with Ye and Common, the album does not falter.
I did not see this album being one of my favorite hip hop releases of the year, but it is creeping up there.


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