Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Chicago maing

After my one class of the day and a good lunch with one pretty cool young lady, I made sure to go cop Lupe's Food & Liquor. I took a roundabout way home to get some more time listening. At first I was definitely enjoying it but not floored like I was hoping to be. I think I just felt I know what to expect when it comes to Lupe, which is sad since dude just released his debut. I put it back on for my second round of studying and now I'm really gettin it. Lupe is great man, simply great. People can't decide if dude is backpack or if dude is trying to be hood, whatever, he can rhyme, plain and simple. Most of the tracks are produced by people from his 1st & 15th clique with one from Mike Shinoda and one from The Louis Vuitton Don. The Kanye track got me excited. I'm a sucker for Kanye beats like this, on some Be ish, nice and simple but better than anyone else is doin it. This album doesn't have enough tracks like I Gotcha on it to make it a huge seller, but whatever, right now it sounds great and made me stop listening to the new Grizzly Bear record.

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