Tuesday, July 11, 2006

"I lick some shots to let him know that Ima rida..... Mo Fire babay"

MO FIRE folks

Lots of stuff runnin around recently. I rented the Matador and watched it with my room mates and it's a terribly good movie, for reals folks. Pierce Brosnan is a force, funny as hell and hits the dramatic points dead on. Greg Kinnear plays the dopey kind of guy he always does but this movies is written wonderfully and definitely worth four bucks at blockbuster. I picked up Daydream Nation by Sonic Youth for six bucks used the other day and am kicking myself for sleeping on this band for so long. For the past couple of years I've gotten whatever new ish they've put out and it's been solid but this record is just great. For all you people that worship Nirvana and any other mid nineties modern rock there wouldn't be any of that without Sonic Youth or the Pixies, check both bands out pleeeeeeease. The Serena-Maneesh album is really really good. I kind of wish I picked it up in the winter when it was gettin hella pub, as it's not really a summer album but I still can realize it's one helluva record. GET IT!

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