Thursday, March 20, 2008

those smug lovers, might as well just rub it in my face

Southland Tales was a bit too ambitious for Richard Kelly's own good.
Back in like freshman year of high school I rode pretty hard for Donnie Darko. Downloading all the songs from the movie off of soulseek, listening to the director's commentary and all that.
Where I still find that movie enjoyable, Kelly's latest was a mess.
The cast is quite interesting, as he made some risky choices with The Rock, Timberlake, Gellar, Mandy Moore, Sean William Scott.
I actually didn't mind The Rock for the most part, but I've never really seen any other movies he's done, so I don't have much to judge him on.
Timberlake and Scott were serviceable, neither had as much screen time as The Rock.
It was also nice seeing Wood Harris get a bit part, since it seems he's not around much after playing kingpin Avon Barksdale in The Wire.
As for the movie in whole, the premise is interesting. It's an apocalyptic film set in 2008 (?). I know it was delayed a bunch of times so the timeline would have been easier to digest if it came out in '06 or whenever it was originally slated to drop.
There is just so much going on and feels jam packed, even though it ran over two hours.
A director's commentary would have been nice to hear Kelly's vision for what he was really going for.
The kid's who love Donnie Darko are going to have a hard time digesting this one I do believe.

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