Friday, December 14, 2007

Back on my grizzle like a bear skin rug

The Cool dropped the other day. It's streaming on MTV's website I think, so you can listen there if you don't have the means of getting the retail version before it hits stores.

When it comes to Lupe I've always been rooting for dude I guess. He's different than most rappers and he wants you to know that. He's a nerd basically, anime, skateboards, stuff Project Pat ain't messing with ya know. His flow is unique and he can ride a beat well.
When Food and Liquor was coming out a version leaked that Lupe ended up scrapping. That version is held above the eventual retail copy by most listeners (yours truly included). The retail had a Hova guest spot and the dude from Linkin Park. It just didn't have the soul(for lack of a better term) that the scrapped version had.
Now he's back with The Cool. It drops after the whole Fiascogate that went down earlier this year when Lupe flubbed a few lines in a Tribe verse he performed at Hip Hop Honors (it wasn't even that serious). That incident was blogged about to death. When it comes down to it, I don't really care if he doesn't have all of Midnight Marauders or De La Soul is Dead memorized, as long as he's putting out quality rap music.
The Cool IS quality. He keeps all the beats in-house (I think) and after the first few cursory listens I don't think that's a bad choice. I'd rather hear him over a FNF producer than say Jazze Pha.
Lyrically Lupe is on point, as usual. He raps about the usual money and hood life, but hearing him spout off about these things still feels different than your everyday emcee. I think his wordplay comes off as an almost breath of fresh air because of the things that interest him (Japanese culture, skating, etc...).
The Cool is by no means a classic or better than, say the releases from this year from the likes of Hov, Little Brother (never thought I'd type that), Ghostface and The Wu, but it's entirely enjoyable and will get repeated listens.
After having a day or so with The Cool I feel more confident about purchasing it than I did when I put down my hard earned money for Food and Liquor.

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