Friday, October 05, 2007

unhappy anniversary, it's ten years since we met

I've been gone for way too long. I've had school stuff and applying to real college and serious life things like those. I've gotten some new tunes and seen some good movies, along with some good new TV starting up. I'm at no shortage of things to post about and hopefully I'll be getting around to that soon.

Right now I just want to share about a criminally overlooked singer/songwriter. Loudon Wainwright's been doing it for years and he's truly great. His songs range from hillarity to tear jerking all in the scope of an album. He has a large enough catalog that I've had no shortage of hearing things from him that are new to me over the past few weeks. A few months ago I got a greatest hits and liked it well enough, but decided to dig a bit deeper after I bought the Knocked Up special edition and there were some live videos of Wainwright doing his thing. So, besides being one helluva artist he's also an Apatow standby which gets huge points in my book. He was the gynecologist they end up picking who's at the barmitzvah when Heigl goes into labor. He was also in Apatow's series, Undeclared, as a father and was real funny. Check him out.

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