Friday, October 19, 2007

Tony Starks just won a Oscar y'all

That bird on his wrist is worth more than four of my paychecks.


First track to hit off Ghost's December 4th release, Big Dough Rehab. It features Kid Capri and samples the Rare Earth track. It's as dope as you'd assume. Ghost rips through the jam spitting bars about, you guessed it, celebrating. Celebrating at parties, with women, things of that nature. I'm stoked for this one man, UGK was the only other hip hop release this year I was as excited for and December 4th is bringing Ghost's and the new WU, which is, by all accounts, as grimy as ever.

After the new Ghostface popped up on the internets this morning I put The Pretty Toney album in the car for my ride to and from class. I don't think this release gets as much shine as it deserves. There's basically no filler (minus some of the skits, Ghost loves his skits). Get familiar if you don't have this one.

I'm seeing Bob Dylan and Elvis Costello tomorrow night and Sunday night I'll be basking in the awesomeness that is Bruce Springsteen. Posts to come in a couple of days.

Also, I wonder how Curtis feels about Radiohead outselling him in their first week. I don't even think the announcement of a new G-Unit album can help save his sorry azz.

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