Thursday, July 19, 2007

Cadence Weapon is better than Of Montreal

no doubt


Deerhunter started things off at 1. Their singer reallly creeps me out. I've read interviews with him where he denies heroin use up and down, but the dude weighs like 90 pounds and he looks pretty tall, I wanted to buy him a cheeseburger. Cryptograms is an interesting album but this wasn't the show to start the day off with, I really didn't enjoy myself all that much. The band was really into it, and the vocals sounded great however.

The Pony's played at 1:30, this was one show both of us were pretty stoked for. The band sounded great but was plagued by the only sound problems I heard all weekend. What a shame.

We took in The Junior Boys at 3. This was another group who I wasn't sure how their sound would translate to a festival setting. Well, they sounded great. Not much crowd interaction, just a great set of mostly songs from their last record (I think).

Sea & Cake at 4. Excellent show by these indie veterans. They tore through their set and sounded wonderful in the afternoon's haze of humidity.

Jamie Lidell played at 5 and looked mad crazy. I can't even really explain what he was wearing. I really enjoyed his set, even the songs not from his last record sounded pretty good. The tracks from Multiply hit hard, and Lidell crooned the pants off of thousands. While we were walking to the bathroom during this set I heard a kid in a Tool shirt say, "Man, this guy sucks ass." That's all I have to say about that matter.

I probably should have been more excited to see Stephen Malkmus but I wasn't all that pumped. He played a solo set and we lost interest kind of quick. We headed over to the side stage and caught The Cool Kids' set. These dudes are just breaking on the underground hip hop scene but they sounded real good. They played this one "miami bass" song that just beat like no one's business. I'm pumped to hear more from these dudes.

Of Montreal was next. I really can't get into these guys. I gave the new record a couple of chances, I've tried to find what people love so much about this band, but I just can't enjoy it. They were all dressed up and looked mad ridiculous. Dylan and I watched a couple of tunes but ended up heading over to the side stage again to catch Cadence Weapon straight tear up the side stage. He went on later than scheduled and played to a smaller crowd because of Of Montreal, but still sounded great and won Dylan over for sure.

The New Pornographers went on at 8 sans Neko and Dan Bejar. I probably shouldn't have expected to see them but I really had my hopes up. The band still sounded very good and played a mix of songs from their catalog. Really one of the most consistent bands operating today.

9 pm last show of the festival. DE LA SOUL!!! One of the highlights of the weekend, no doubt. Dudes are approaching 40 but still brought energy to spare and rocked a huge crowd that was more than likely not too familiar with the group. Dylan's a big fan and I'm pretty sure he had a mild seizure when they brought out Prince Paul to DJ a couple of tracks at the beginning of the show. Wonderful ending to a memorable weekend.

If you read half of these last two posts I owe you dinner or something.

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