Thursday, July 19, 2007

We didn't stay for Yoko, but I took one of those keychain lights anyways

forget the haters, Girl Talk live shows are mad fun

Last weekend Dylan and I took in the Pitchfork Music Festival. It was a great weekend all around. Cheap tickets, dollar bottles of water, poorly dressed hipsters and great music. We waited too long and missed out on Friday night's festivities but from the sounds of it, the night wasn't as amazing as I would have thought.


We showed up a little bit before 2pm and caught Voxtrot's set. I didn't really know what to expect from these guys, but they were really tight and put on a great show. A good mix of there full album and songs from their string of wonderful ep's. There lead singer has a weird patch of bleached hair, I really hope he didn't mean to do that.

Next up we saw Grizzly Bear who put on a very mellow set as you might assume. Their mess of electronics and broken pop music sounded great in the sunny afternoon heat.

At 4 Battles took one of the main stages. I was interested to see these guys, and how their sound would translate to a live show. It was very technical and I was entranced for about 20 minutes, but both Dylan and I grew a bit bored (I think I was starting to feel a bit dehydrated too, what a weiner).

5 o'clock, Sam Beam took the other main stage in all his bearded glory. I wasn't expecting much from an Iron & Wine set in a festival setting but as evening was approaching the sparse sounds were a wonderful accompaniement to the great weather of the day. It was the first show I saw that the crowd demanded an encore. The new songs sounded really great also.

Mastodon was up at 6, but Dylan and I stayed at the stage I & W played at to get in good position to see Clipse. I have seen Mastodon before and even from far away, they were still loud as all hell and just melting faces.

Clipse was the highlight of the day. Even in the midst of most of the people for whom Clipse is the only hip hop they listen to, it was an amazing show. Malice and Pusha T know how to work a crowd. It was such an intense hour filled set. They played a great deal of Hell Hath No Fury and peppered in some Lord Willin' cuts and mixtape tracks. One of the highlights was when they did their verses from "What Happened to That Boy." Man, I love that song. Pusha is the showman of the group, he does most of the talking throughout the set. He was calling out people who knew all the words. I like to think he pointed at me during "Pussy" but Dylan swears it was the small asian kid in front of us (Dylan sucks). They also did an encore and it was the best song from Lord Willin', "Virginia." Great song to end a great show.

We watched a bit of Cat Power, she looked marvelous but we headed over to the side stage for Girl Talk. It was already packed and we had to stand off to the side. Gillis put on such a fun show. I've read a lot of people hating on his show, just hanging around a computer and jumping around, but it was an energetic, fun way to end the night. At one point he cued up "Knife" by Grizzly Bear as members from the band joined the other fans onstage, dancing like nuts. Great moment.

We peaced on the Yoko set, I'm not mad.

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