Sunday, October 08, 2006

I said I got a jones, in my bones

I haven't posted for way tooo long, i'm lame.

I saw Okkervil River last Wedensday night and they were amazing.

I haven't stopped listening to Boys & Girls in America since I got it until today when D'angelo popped up on my itunes and I just listened to Brown Sugar all the way through. Now I just really want a girlfriend, whatever happened to D'angelo anyways?

I saw the Departed tonight and it's awesome, but I kind of expected awesomeness. Wahlberg is simply the man, he's not really stretching himself in his role here but he's just so damn entertaining. Plus Alec Baldwin's in it and you can't go wrong there. I enjoyed DiCaprio's performance alot too and ended being impressed with Damon, I always want to not like him in movies but usually end up liking his roles anyways. The movie itself is just action from the beginning to the end. It's so intense and doesn't let down for a second. Go see this, it's the best movie I've seen in the theater in I don't know how long.

The Wire tonight had to be one of my favorite episodes ever. The whole turn with Randy thinking the people Marlo's crew were killing turned into zombies was priceless.

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