Wednesday, April 15, 2009

pale blue eyes

The first of two great films out right now that were marketed terribly.
Adventureland trailers make it seem like it is going to be Superbad 2 and it has little in common with director Greg Mottola's hit last summer.
The film is a wonderful piece of throwback 80s comedy/drama that deserves all the John Hughes comparisons being thrown its way.
There are a number of laughs in the film, but it is more about the characters within instead of one liners.
The cast is superb, even Kristen Stewart. She might be the most boring person on the planet when not on film, but her performance here is confident and heartbreaking at times.
Jesse Eisenberg continues his string of strong roles with a starring turn here. I just thank God Mottola didn't give this to Cera. Eisenberg has Cera's awkwardness down, but he also brings a level of confidence never found with Cera.
Also, it is always wonderful to see Martin Starr and he kills here.

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