Friday, October 03, 2008

wanna go out tonight, wanna find out what i got

Great first episode of the third season of Friday Night Lights. After they hastily wrapped things up from the second season, this episode got rolling. Some really great scenes like Buddy trying to connect with Tami in her office and dropping a "Clear eyes, full hearts..." and her just shutting him down. The one scene that really got me was the racquetball one at the end of the episode. It was tied up in all the right drama the way this show did consistently in its first season.
Here's to hoping they keep getting better.

I want to urge you again to check out Gaslight Anthem's record from this year, "'59 Sound." A great, blue collar (I guess) punk record. A whole mess of working man tunes wrapped up in some quick punk jams and slow burner ballads. Really one of my favorites so far this year.
Here's the title cut from the record.

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dwud said...

whats the rest of this album like?