Wednesday, April 04, 2007

I Need a Project B

The Shield started up again last night and daggummit if it didn't start up right where it left off. Watching last night reminded me of last year when Mike and I would dominate some Rollins pizza late and watch each Tuesday. Good times, good times. Forrest Whitaker is back as the IED lieutenant trying to bring Mackey down. His character is so taken over with a personal vendetta against Vick that he can't be around much longer. This is one of the most consistent shows on tv and is really worth grabbing on DVD and starting from the beginning if you have the oppurtunity.

Rome ended a week ago and this is a show I'm sad to see go. I totally got wrapped up in the story and characters this season and it's a shame that it no longer has a home at HBO. I don't know that they could go on without Marc Antony however, he was one of the best likeable villians on TV.

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